Research themes

We identify the following key novel challenges associated with TheMSES, which are absent in the state-of-the art from other subsurface flow applications:

1. Cyclical thermo-mechanical weakening of the rock leading to continuous development of fracture networks during operation.
2. High fluid pressure fluctuations and high thermal fluctuations leading to coupled flow-mechanical-chemical systems.
3. Extreme flow-rates needed to accommodate rapid oscillations in the production-demand gap leading to non-equilibrium flow conditions.

In this project, we will develop the mathematical tools necessary to address these challenges. Specifically, we will derive models necessary to understand the dominant processes, and develop suitable simulation technology. The research is divided into four work packages:

WP1: Fracture development in cyclically stressed porous materials,
WP2: Upscaling and discretization of coupled geomechanics, flow and geochemistry,
WP3: Non-equilibrium alternating-direction flows in porous media,
WP4: Integrated solvers, software and knowledge development.

Additionally, the project will have a separate work package related to maximizing the external impact of research:
WP5: Communication, outreach and dissemination.